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Deck Paint and Why Homeowners Should Use It

Deck Painting, Staining and Refinishing – Why?

Your deck is an important part of your property and it should be protected and beautified so that it can not only add value to your home, but be enjoyed by your family and guests. Specialized deck paints are available to help add beauty while protecting your deck from insects, water and other degrading factors that you don’t want to come in contact with your deck.

These paints come in a variety of preselected colors or you can customize it yourself to match your home and make the entire home image come together. The best part is that these paints last a long time and only need minor touch ups when high traffic or other abrasive activity damages the surface over time.

Deck paints last much longer than stains and opaque stains which make paints more desirable when protecting your wooden decks. Paints also allow you to cover up imperfections in wood as well as remove rough textures on the wood by coating flat with a level surface.

Depending on the wood type you may have to apply a primer to have an appropriate surface for a paint application. Primers also help to protect the wood by giving it an extra layer of protective coating.

Deck paints can be applied in many coats to provide a much stronger barrier between the elements and other nuisances such as termites and ants which could bore into the wood. Extra coats make it difficult for insects of the boring type to detect that the surface is actually wood, so they stay disinterested in boring to build their paths and nests.

You may even want to prepare the wood by a pest control center with a layer of insect wood treatment before painting so that insects which do bore into your wood die quickly and prevent extensive damages.

Deck painting is simple and can be done by any do-it-yourself type of person, but unless you want to risk possible mistakes during a deck paint application, consideration of having a professional deck painter handle the job is recommended.

Many deck owners do enjoy taking care of the job themselves as it gets them involved in the beautification and protection of their property. This is perfectly acceptable and is encouraged to those who really want to apply the deck paint themselves or to those who cannot afford professional deck painters doing the job. Manual deck paint jobs can take much longer without the specialized painting tools that professionals use.

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